Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Behind, and feeling left behind

I haven't posted a Survivor chat since episode 6. And OMG finally stuff has happened! Perhaps I will get to it this weekend. The end of the season (May 16) is creeping up on us (like that crafy Sandra prowling around the jungle and eavesdropping while everyone else is scheming!)

I'm still watching LOST: The Final Season. Again, I regret not being emotionally invested in how everything turns out for each of the characters, especially in light of how the show is slowly (...slowly) describing the fates (...or whatever?) of everyone. I'm sure opinion varies on this even among the most devoted Losties, but I'm feeling impatient with how it is all coming together. I'm sure that there is this unbearable tension within diehard fans

between "OMG I want LOST in my life forever please don't really end!" (or something to that effect, which is a feeling I have had in the past for many a show, so there's no judgment there) and "OMG PLEASE just finally tell us what the fuck is going on!" Because I'm not fluent in so many of the details and nuances leading up to this final season, I'm finding it hard to appreciate these episodes. I keep wondering "Wait. Have we really gotten any closer to figuring anything out? With 6 episodes left? 4?" I hear they've extended the final episode by a half hour, though, so is that a good thing? There needs to be even more time to make it work? Or is that just a little bit of reward to the fans, giving them another morsel of what they enjoy so much?

At any rate, I plan on watching it all come together on May 23rd.


  1. I don't feel like it's moving slowly at ALL - it's too fast, everything that happens is bringing it too close to the end. :( I think most diehard fans are in the same boat as me, and the slightly more casual to very casual viewers are in the "tell us what is going on" camp. Sure, some of the diehard people whine when not much happens in an episode, but then after last night's ep, we are all screaming NO NO THIS IS TOO MUCH and sobbing our eyes out. Or maybe that is just me (but I doubt it!).

    This ep I think mostly served to confirm, without a doubt, that Flocke is evil, he really is the bad guy, see what he is capable of, he will tear your favorite characters away from you. There has been a lot of chatter about whether or not he is really, truly evil, or if he was telling the truth about just wanting to leave, etc. Which I supposed is still technically true but it's not like he has made it sound (let's all leave TOGETHER!). I never trusted him, but I can understand those who did - on this show, you just never know. So that is a big question, answered. Yes, he is truly evil. Yes, he is the bad guy.

    The other purpose I think was to prepare us for the end. The dying isn't over yet, I don't think. And I know a lot of us haven't come to terms with the show ending, yet (hello, me!) and I think killing off some main chars is a step in the "LOST is going to be over and you have to move on with your lives" direction. :)

    I know there are only 4 and a half hours left but they can do A LOT in that time. They can resolve a lot. Will we know everything? Nah. But I don't care. I don't care how it ends, so long as it's not left as a complete mystery (if they do that I will be sad). But they are giving us enough answers here and there that I don't think that will be the case.

  2. Good point. It is another major question apparently finally answered, and that is resolution. I think I'm just impatient about the big picture issues, considering my perspective on it. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??? Which is a lot to ask, I know. :)

    The many deaths at this point kind of remind me of the last couple of Harry Potter books. They ARE to start to drive home the "reality" of the ending. Even in magical worlds and supernatural mystery islands, some inescapable things permanently alter our experiences in the world, and death is one of them. In the fictional universe and in our real lives watching events unfold, the end is the end.

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