Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, episode 6 (or: "1 douche gone, 1 amazing con" - Shanna)

me: halloo
blah blah blah
me: tell us, Jeff!

[back from Tribal where Colby’s ally Tom was voted out]
No, Colby does not want a hug from you, James. [James patronizingly offers a hug to Colby]
shut up
Shanna: yeah, because you have some weird love affair with james, Amanda [Amanda blah blah blah James fishcakes]
me: yeah
Candice is in a no win situation. She voted with the majority but they know she didn't want to.
DEATHMATCH [Russell confronts Rob about their “rivalry”]
me: dun dun dunnnn
whatever Russell
Shanna: did he just tell rob he doesn't have it? [the hidden idol]
me: he implied so
Shanna: amazing! he didn't blab!
me: heh
I sooooo want people to show Russell what is up [Rob totally is not fooled by Russell]
if it comes from Rob, that is the best
Yeah. Russell's plan soooo worked. I'm so sure he convinced Rob he wasn't after him.
heh. as if Rob even cares.
Shanna: russell's "watch your back" sounded like a lame comeback. Like, "Yeah.... you... uh... watch your back too! yeah! cuz im gonna get choo!"
me: exactly
me: lame

[tree mail]
me: tree mail was vague? really, colby?
Shanna: ah, yeah, this is the "everyone goes to tribal" episode
me: of course

Shanna: yeah, if i was on the villians i would be surprised too [seeing Tom voted out instead of James]
me: they are all surprised at that outcome
no shit
Shanna: woo, individual immunity [rope obstacle course thing]
me: weeeeee
please vote out James and Russell.
Shanna: heh, james is not going to do this at all
how can he
me: wouldn't it suck ass if he sat this one out even and still didn't get voted out?
mm, I want hotdogs. [the winner of each tribe gets individual immunity, and they face off for hotdogs for their tribe and getting to watch the others at tribal council]
there is a lot at stake here.
me: oops, jinx, Jeff [hee. He said “there is a lot at stake” after I did.]
Shanna: let's mention tyson! because he is forgettable!
me: lol
Shanna: it's like he ENJOYS their pain
me: yeah
[James is actually doing well, it is noted, despite not being able to use his leg right]
this is because he can use all his upper body strength to pull himself through this challenge
Shanna: yeah
no running
me: blurring! [a LOT of crotch blurring of the ladies during this challenge as they climbed around this obstacle course in their skimpy bathing suits]
Shanna: go candice!
me: yay Candice!!! [She wins for the Heroes]
she wanted it bad
Shanna: yeah
me: ahh. hugging Jeff.
so weird
she almost left colby hanging
Shanna: now she has to do it again! in a few minutes anyway
heh, yeah, i saw that
me: yeah
as long as it isn't Russell who wins I don't care who wins for the villains
Shanna: LOL sandra
she's like fuck this
me: Jeff always seems surprised when a lady is in it
more crotch blurring.
Shanna: i am not crawling all over the place just to fail miserably anyway
me: I love sandra. she knows when to say fuck it
yes. go Rob! [Boston Rob wins for the Villains]
Shanna: whoa
me: russell is gonna cry
Shanna: that is a bigger course! [Candace and Rob compete]
me: showdown!!!
at least candice got more rest than Rob.
dude. this challenge is all about the ladies exposing their business
Shanna: yeah
they have to not care to do well
me: yeah. they probably don't even know it is happening
note for future survivors: wear shorts for this challenge
Shanna: yeah
me: oh well [Candice loses]
I kind of want Candice to keep in it because she's such an underdog over on her tribe.
but oh well.
Shanna: yeah, she tried, i don't think they can say she didn't
and at least she is still in it for tonight
me: yeah but more points to her regardless if she won them food and advantage. not that that sentiment would last until the next vote
Shanna: yeah
probably not

[At Villain Camp]
me: hmmm
Shanna: Coach thinks he is in the middle anyway [choosing between the alliances]
me: so, they are trying to get Russell to play the idol while actually voting out Parvati?
Shanna: and he is, but not in a crucial way
me: blerg. it is a good plan, but... feh
Shanna: yeah
but it is fun to see russell squirm
me: hmmm
fuck. he's on to it. [Russell comes up with a counter-plan to the others’ plan to flush out his idol and split the votes between him and Parvati]
Shanna: ooh, it is kind of fun tho
me: no one ever seems this smart on this show.
Shanna: makes it more interesting
i mean, he is an ass, sure
but so are a lot of people
at least he is being smart
and has a decent counterplan!
me: ugh. how is this possible that he totally suddenly seems smart and has a decent back up plan?

[Heroes Camp]
oh colby. wah wah wah
you just threw in the towel. [He speechifies to his tribe about how he knows he’s the next to go so they shouldn’t bother conniving and scrambling and should just enjoy the rest of the day]
Shanna: well, he's being all noble about it (in his mind anyway)
i mean, yeah, he should TRY
me: yeah
Shanna: but at least they might not give the other tribe a lot of juicy info
me: now we will show some fake scrambling? [Something is afoot…]
oh, James. you have no use for a man who cannot win a challenge. whatever. [He keeps commenting on how Colby seems to not even try]
Shanna: oh Rupert
your foot?
really? [whine whine whine bad toe]
me: foot of horror!
Shanna: oooh, i like that they are at least CONSIDERING james
me: ooh
of course Amanda is sticking up for him
now is the time to get rid of that dude, actually.
hah. they are going to test him! hee.
[Amanda tells James that he has to demonstrate to the others that he is okay, by running a footrace. Also, she tries to explain to him some of the social niceties, such as not eating all the bananas]
oh, amanda. he does not realize he does anything wrong.
Shanna: heh
this is entertaining
i hope he does run
me: lol. I know.
Shanna: and loses! hah
me: and falls on his face?
he refuses to prove himself.
don't race Rupert!
Shanna: here's an idea! send rupert!
me: right!
for real
this is ridiculous [James ends up racing JT …]
hah. he's racing him backward! [… who beats him easily, while running backward]
It doesn’t even matter to JT.
they'd all rather keep someone who is trying than someone who is not, so I get that [so they are implying]
Shanna: yeah
but then, i think colby is just like, whatever, i don't want to have a stressful last day if it is inevitable
and after what happened last week
it must seem inevitable
me: yeah
I just wish James wouldn't always get his way.
Shanna: yeah

[Villain Camp]
me: ooh, Rob has a counter plan
Shanna: ahh, so now rob is on to the possibility of russell playing them
me: yeah
is Coach a double agent? [on account of his sort of promise of loyalty to his King Russell?]
he knows russell has the idol
Shanna: hmmm
me: please do not believe Russell
Shanna: hahaha
this is so interesting
just because they are really all playing each other so well
for once [There is a counter-counter-plan, which I don’t recall, and then Russell goes to Tyson for a counter-counter-counter-plan or something. I don’t know.]
me: oh, Tyson and his gay double entendres
Shanna: it does happen now and then
but it is so rare
me: it is kind of amazing how strategical they are being
Shanna: and fun when it happens
haha, tyson's hotdog comment

[Tribal Council]
me: Jeff looked a little stoned there
Jerri's hair is kind of amazing
Shanna: yeah
Shanna: she manages to make it look awesome
my hair would look terrible by this point
me: my hair would probably be a giant fuzz ball
Shanna: oh whatever, connections with people from the past
me: yeah. whatever.
I do love how Rob is totally trying to school Russell, though.
lol. Sandra is too honest.
Shanna: yeah, go rob
me: dun dun dunnnnn
commercial cliffhanger!
Shanna: hahah, commercial at a cliffhanger moment!
dun dun dun
me: :)
well, at least there's that
out of the way [Russell goes to play the idol …]
what? Puhleeze [… but FAKEOUT, gives it to Parvati instead!]
Shanna: LOL
me: well, okay then
Jeff is loving this
Shanna: hmmm
me: hmmm
Shanna: lololololol [and the vote bounces to TYSON because he fell for Russell’s final plan and essentially got HIMSELF voted out]
well played
me: man
I love how confused they all are.
Shanna: of course russell is now going to be MORE annoying
me: no kidding. fuck.
Shanna: but, awesome
me: yeah. it was because tyson was totally played.
Shanna: heh "i'm still pretty awesome" –tyson [Final words]
me: "I'm still pretty awesoem". gotta love that guy
I hate that now Russell has now proven himself to actually be able to play with the big dogs. :(
Shanna: yeah

[Now the Heroes come in for their Tribal Council and the Villains get to eat their hot dog feast in front of them, with some good natured taunting, and the Heroes whining about it]
me: Man, it wasn't their idea! but, heh. Courtney is dancing around enjoying her hot dog
Shanna: but he was so pissed at the last finale, he must get his comeuppance [re: Russell]
me: I hope
Jeff, don't defend James
to his own tribe!
Shanna: srsly
me: uh, and Colby, you pretty much admitted you don’t want to be there
Shanna: man james, way to be a douche [saying how disappointing Colby is and other stuff]
me: no shit
I love courtney's eyeroll.
she and eliza [from multiple previous seasons] should be on a tribe together. she was good at reactions, too, back in the day.
okay, don't they say tribals last hours? how come they were still eating? [as the Heroes wrap up and go to vote]
Shanna: yeah, that seems unlikely
me: that's a lot of hotdogs then
I am so hungry right now.
Shanna: aww
i am eating stew
me: I don't think the heroes gave away much to the villains, from what we saw, that they didn’t already know
Shanna: yeah
me: no votes for rupert!
Shanna: excellent [They actually vote out James!]
me: aw yeah
I'm glad that guy is out.
Shanna: me too
me: stop crying Amanda!!
Shanna: now for a douchy final word from james
me: right

[Next time…]
next week..... Rob now needs to gun for Russell even more, to prove himself better
James final words are not douchey. surprise
Shanna: yeah!
me: oh well
so, that's that
Shanna: yep
at least both tribals were kind awesome (in different ways)
me: totally
Shanna: 1 douche gone, 1 amazing con
me: hee
Shanna: heh, that rhymed! an accident
me: lol


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