Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LOST: Season 6 (The FINAL Season dun dun DUNNNN)

So, I’ve posted before about my failure to watch LOST. I still feel disappointed in my effort. But, I did read and watch a few recaps (mostly the official ones at the ABC website, and some Wikipedia stuff, but not the hardcore Lostie websites and blogs with theories and speculation) to give me background to watch this last season. I really debated whether to watch this season as it unfolds. Technically, I know the gist. I know what’s up. But because I didn’t watch all along, or catch up by watching thoroughly and completely, I have nothing invested in it. I just don’t care about it much, but I wish I did.

And I know what it is like to be a devoted fan of a show, and how it feels when other people don't care, or just don't get it, or aren't in the same place as I am with it. I have had trouble deciding to post anything about LOST because, well, I don't want to be that person. I don't want to insult real LOST fans.

What I do know, though, is that the final season of LOST (dun dun DUNNNNN) is probably better than the final seasons of many of the shows I loved. (Fellow former X-Philes know what I'm talking about.) I hope that it is satisfying for you Losties out there.

This is what I do know about Season 6 [spoilers…]:

Juliet didn’t die until she actually did do the reset bomb thing. But... it did not go as planned…exactly. I’ve watched enough sci-fi, and I am transparent about my Trekkiness, so I get this whole “alternate universe” timeline business. So, the bomb both did and did not work the way Jack believed it would. In the “prime” timeline, they are stuck on the island still, Locke is not really Locke but is another embodiment of the monster, Jacob is dead but is guiding Hugo to guide Jack, and they and some of the remaining Oceanic survivors are “candidates” to “protect” the island. Everyone is still miserable and the island is still mysterious.

In the alternate, non-crash timeline… well… also, everyone is still miserable. They don’t crash, but their lives totally different and are still a mess, and their lives end up intertwined anyway.

Am I missing anything? (Heh. Of course I am. Besides a lot of the very well-executed references and callbacks that I’m sure I’m missing, and my lack of attachment to the characters I didn’t get to become invested in as they evolved....)


  1. Nope, that is the gist of it. There is a lot more to it, as you say, but that is "what is going on".

    The blog over at EW.com - Totally Lost by Doc Jensen - is hands down the best blog to read for well thought out, amazing theory and recap and pointing out everything you (or I) missed. I just started reading it this season and that makes me sad, because it is really, really good.

    As we discussed, I am very heavily invested in this show and because of that, every episode is a Very Big Deal in this house. I cry basically every Tuesday (and not just when the music swells and tells me to!). While these episodes are quite good, if this wasn't the final season ever I might not think they were all amazing. (Although the end of the Sayid episode was awesome, and I love every single Ben episode there has ever been just to watch Michael Emerson act.) Since it is the end, and whatever happens to these characters (MY characters!) is the last thing that will happen to them, everything feels monumental somehow. That most of them are finding a bit of resolution in sideways world makes me happy. That they're repeating history over on the island gives me comfort in my familiar friends. It is borderline ridiculous, really.

    I don't get super attached to television. I like it, sure - and I watch plenty of it and have lots of opinions. But this show goes way past that for me. I think about this show every day. I will very, very likely rewatch the entire series not long after it ends for good in May. *sigh* I just can't wait to see where it goes. I have ideas and theories but I can't wait to see it executed.

  2. @Shanna - I will have to give you back your DVDs (that were sadly wasted on me) so you can rewatch!
    I would like to watch the whole series at some point. I just couldn't get it together before this season started. I should have listened to you years ago and started earlier, once I'd quit grad school that particular time, which had been what prevented me from watching it when it started!

    I really debated whether I should watch this season NOW, or just ignore it and experience the whole series first. I think that would have been much more rewarding for me. I'm the type of tv-watcher who does get attached. (I will someday post my theory on types of tv-watchers... it's been brewing in my mind for quite a while!) I've been less attached to shows the past few years, and even now I think about various TV shows every day.

    I've used the analogy before, but I really have "relationships" with shows. I get attached. I think about them with affection. I miss them when they aren't in my daily/weekly life. I feel betrayed when they disappoint me. I mourn them when they are gone. I remember them fondly after time has passed.

  3. That's just what it is - a relationship. That whole last paragraph describes how I feel (and will feel) about Lost.

    I hope someday there is another show I can love this much. But if not, I'm glad that my big TV relationship went to this one!

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